Why You Need a Magic Corner Cabinet in Your Kitchen

Why You Need a Magic Corner Cabinet in Your Kitchen

Are you tired of losing things inside the dark corner spaces of your kitchen counter? Does the thought of crawling in tight spaces to get these objects make you angry? Well, the solution to these questions is given by REJS magic corner cabinet. It is a simple shelf with multiple adjustable racks to organize the hidden corner spaces of your kitchen counter.

Advantages of Magic Corner Cabinet
Not only does the magic corner cabinet help to reclaim the lost space, it will also help you organize the items in the best manner. There are two sections of the REJS magic corner cabinet. Once you open the door, the first section with two trays is easily accessible. As you pull this section out, the second section with two more racks are revealed.
The racks can be adjusted to different heights depending on the items you want to store. They contain a locking mechanism to prevent trays from falling or moving. The tray is lined with a graphite bottom with a non-slip quality to avoid breakage. There are additional dividers to separate unlike items on your trays.

The sliding guides for these magic corner cabinets are engineered with ball bearing mechanisms for smooth opening and closing action. Minimal force is required to pull them out even under heavy loads. The maximum load carrying capacity is over 25kg. A feather light touch is all you need for full extension.

Installation of Magic Corner Cabinet
Before you purchase your magic corner unit, measure the size of your counter corner. Use a measuring tape to find the width of your counter opening and depth of the space. There are over fifteen size variations available at REJS to provide you with the most suitable corner cabinet for your kitchen.

Installation is straightforward and instructions are easy to follow. It does not matter if your space is on the left or right side of the corner. You can adjust the instructions for installation on either side with the same cabinet. All you need are home tools such as power drill, screw driver, pencil and measuring tape. The process can be completed within minutes.
Transform your dark hidden spaces with REJS magic corner cabinets today and experience an amazing new feeling when using your kitchen.