August 10, 2015

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February 22, 2018

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HR – It Can Do a Lot of Good!

December 8, 2016


If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in HR, then perhaps reading the following article will be an eye-opener for you! If you’re already in HR, then you know where we’re coming from?

We can learn a lot from a recent article featured here, by Brian Walker, that speaks about what it’s really to like to work in the Human Resources sector. A lot of people, especially younger people, believe that HR is this happy place where you can help out other people, be their role models, mentor them and help them achieve success in their lives. However, according to Brian, the reality is somewhat different and the reality is that it is about being honest, upfront and professional. There will be times when you have to make tough decisions and being everyone’s best friend just isn’t an option.


Hiring and Firing

If thinking of a career in this sector you need to approach it with an open mind; part of your job description will be to mentor, promote, fire, transfer and in some cases even demote staff. The hard part is that some of the employees you work with may end up being your friends, but when the time comes, there is no room for the sentiment for the good of the entire company.


That doesn’t mean working in this field is all doom and gloom; there is a rainbow over every horizon meaning there is ample opportunity to make a positive impact on the people who work for the business and also the local community.

How can HR’s make a difference?


When working in HR there has been a shift recently in the way companies, especially Global Corporate organisations approach the way that they help the public and communities around them. One of the many rewarding sides of working in HR is, that more often than not, Corporate Social Responsibility tends to get absorbed in to an HR role. It’s valuable to shareholders and stakeholders alike, it is seen as intrinsic to how staff feel about the business, a major part of employee engagement, and it’s important to the external perception of the business.

Getting more bang for your buck


An important point to consider is how can you relate you charitable encounter not to just making a grandiose financial gestures, but equally, not just putting on unappreciated “paint a fence” days. With both there may be some limited publicity, but ultimately its legacy impact is likely to be short lived. The good news is that there are alternatives which can offer greater benefits to the business, and make more business sense.


Empower Employees

Why not look at how people engage with a cause through awayday style activities? Properly organized and prepared. It’s important to consider your business HR objectives, and look at how best you can involve everyone mutually.These activities, involve staff from the outset, some companies will consult staff on initial breifings to ensure everyone is getting something they want out of the activity to how best to support local charities or a community which creates immediate enthusiasm and buy in. You may not be aware who is already involved in charitable activities in your business.



So what do we get out of this as a company you’re probably asking? Businesses get the benefit of their employees feeling as if they are part of something much bigger than simply financial remuneration. They are involved in creating a supporting the funds, implementing the changes the donations help to achieve, helping the people the project is aimed at and receiving the thanks of the people, or community the project is helping. They see themselves as belonging to something much bigger than just a ‘nameless’ corporation; they are part of the community and the community sees this.


In addition, employee volunteering can be very beneficial in bonding employees outside of work and in essence is real team building. It’s more than likely some employees will exhibit skills you never knew they had; perhaps one or two will even demonstrate natural leadership.



The moral here is that working in HR away from the day to day can actually improve people’s lives inside and outside the organisation in ways you never thought possible.


If you like the article, please feel free to share and comment!


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