August 10, 2015

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February 22, 2018

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Is your business about to lose £40k+?

July 2, 2015

You work for a company that has more than 250 employees, Therefore it is soon going to have the blessing / burden of, by law, offering staff 3 days each of volunteer leave per person per year.


You may already have this in place, if not, it pays to think how to manage it effectively before it is mandatory.

These are the options of managing it as Volume48 see it with the information we have:


1. Tell staff they can have them, and then let them just do their own thing.
The main problem with this option, is how this can be monitored effectively and how can the business see the benefits of this volunteering? In the most basic outcome, even in a staff force of 250 it’s going to cost potentially up to 6,000 hours of employee time per year. Which best case scenario, if everyone who worked for you was on the minimum wage, it would cost the business over £40k, a cost which wasn’t there before. These new volunteering days will need to be factored into the budget. Furthermore, what evidence are you going to look for to ensure that a “volunteering day” isn’t used to voluntarily go to the pub? adding to the workload of various departments - I can hear HR departments up and down the country saying “Huzzah, more work!”


2. Get teams to get themselves together?
Yes it takes a bit of management, but if you have teams organising volunteering together, then maybe they can make a difference. It could work. Statistically, a little less than 1 in 3 people in the UK supposedly volunteer at least one day a year, so perhaps that “1 in 3” at your workplace can get the ball rolling with their own personal connections. Unfortunately for the charity sector, it is about to see a huge influx in the number of people willing to “give back time” – the question is will the limited supply of the charities be able to meet the increased demand from businesses? And will it even be appreciated?


3. Make the Volunteer Days benefit the business 
Staff are getting free days off for supporting charities… so how this can be applied to make business sense? Another way to look at is if you could get the results that you would expect from an away day, while helping a charity, would you?


You’ll spot that your company already has budgets in places for Christmas parties, away days, team building days, employee engagement, training courses, team drinks etc. where your business is ALREADY letting people have the day off to further themselves and in turn the business. Therefore, it’s worth considering using these “compulsory volunteer days” for those activities? For example: You might have considered an away day as “team cooking day” - Hiring out a kitchen, getting a chef in, getting the wine flowing, make a soufflé - great team day out! But how about using a volunteer day off to do the same thing? You only need to Google “food charities” to get a return of 19,900,000 est. results.


As is often the case, charities have the setting and ability, but not the resource to do such a slick and professional event which corporate teams expect… Which is why Stephanie and I started this new business


We have partnered with specially selected charities which have the scope to put on unique and excellent events, which means we can help you use these additional “volunteer” days off directly to benefit your business and the charity sector. Revolutionising the way the corporate sector interacts with the charity sector.


Volume48 is about building premium corporate events which are professionally managed and designed to surpass expectation. We take the workload out of the charities, cover their costs and make a fair donation to them, whilst ensuring you have a worthwhile and excellent day out.

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