August 10, 2015

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February 22, 2018

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Managing charity work in my company is eating all my time

June 10, 2015

So the rumour mill has started this week, that perhaps, maybe, possibly, the compulsory “three-days volunteer leave for all” that Dave promised in April pre-election may get scrapped. It is of course just a rumour, but the FT has reported this week that it is being pushed to one side. It may very well happen yet and could just be in the pipeline depending on which paper you read...


If it does go ahead, it’s great that the government can highlight the benefits to business and individuals alike at offering support to employees to in turn support charities, and with the likes of Richard Branson making shock new business plans of “whole year off for parental leave" and "unlimited holiday”, should we be waiting on the government to make these offers compulsory, or should we be pushing them internally ourselves? The benefits are there, otherwise why would big business encourage it.


At the moment I’m talking with a number of businesses and we’re looking at the cost saving ways of working with charities, as although grand gestures are great, they do take work to make happen. For an individual within a business to manage a employee volunteer leave and charity work it becomes an all-encompassing role in itself. Especially if getting teams to do things together.


One of the reoccurring statements I hear is "yes I manage the charity relationship here at [comapny x], but it is only a portion of my full-time job"


I’m looking at how we at volume 48 can take this workload from businesses and not just “outsource” or “broker” charity work (we're building whole new events for businesses to engage with), but manage and develop the relationship levels ourselves to help relieve the additional workload - and importantly still get the full benefit of the relationship

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