Who are Volume 48?

We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who want to help Businesses and Charities work together to form efficient and profitable partnerships, to make a massive change in charitable giving:

  • Tom Downie
    Managing Director

    Tom Downie has been working in the charity sector for the last ten years, and has been involved in all aspects including fundraising, volunteering and for even longer, corporate giving.

    His determination and passion to ensure that client expectations are met and then surpassed is a huge motivator for Volume 48. Having worked in the corporate sector managing business charity relationships, Tom  moved into the ‘active challenge events’ market; during this time he trekked to Machu Picchu, climbed the High Atlas mountains in Morocco and was part of the leadership team reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro twice.

    Tom volunteers each week entertaining patients as Hospital Radio Station Presenter.


  • Stephanie Isaacson
    Managing Director

    With eight years of working in the charity sector under her belt, Stephanie knows how to raise funds from a whole range of events.

    Working primarily in challenge events, Stephanie has arranged treks and cycles all over the globe, pushing the limits of fundraisers and corporate teams.

    She has worked on both sides of the industry as a tour operator and as a professional fundraiser within charities, and in her capacity has raised millions.

    She has organised and worked on a plethora of exciting events, including: one day UK runs and cycle rides, children’s cycle challenges, annual galas and award nights. Stephanie also arranges Nine Worlds, a geekfest convention every August.


What does Volume 48 mean?

With great power comes great responsibility

In 1832 the great philosopher Voltaire coined the iconic phrase; ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ found in his work ‘Oevres De Voltaire, Volume 48.’

This sentiment is at the heart of what we represent, how we operate and the task we set our clients. We believe that Voltaire’s message is critically significant to the work that we do which is why we named the company after this powerful vision and seminal work.

Voltaire’s words have reverberated through culture and history, being cited by Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and of course Uncle Ben in the comic book blockbuster, Spiderman. Here at Volume 48 we aim to live by this principle, every day, in every event.

Mission, Vision and Values

At Volume 48 we are building a sustainable, forward thinking company through our Mission, Vision and Values which we take incredibly seriously and live by each day:


To be the benchmark for how businesses give, altering the sector to: engage, grow, donate and above all be responsible for their local and wider community.

To make a credible, game changing difference in the charity sector.


We will inspire and engage businesses and charities through events, yearly partnerships and fundraising initiatives, bridging the gap between the two sectors and adding significant value to each.

We will redefine how businesses support charities by providing the highest level of Employee Engagement (EE), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event planning, implementation and management.

We will inspire every employee and manager to take part in our events, and increase engagement in their business and fulfil their personal goals.

We will exceed the expectations of our clients through a customer care system which is unlike any other event company in the market.

We will raise much needed funds for our clients’ chosen charities.

We will build a sustainable, trusted and respected reputation for EE, CSR and customer care.


  • Altruistic
  • Open and honest
  • Be amazing
  • Responsible
  • To be counted on
  • Ambitious

Practising what we preach
Encouraging our clients to engage with charities in new, meaningful ways would be hypocritical if we did not follow our own ethos. So Volume 48 is leading the way in giving back.

CAF account
We have our own Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) account which we contribute to each year. These funds we will give back to charity, who will be chosen by our employees.

We make sure all our employees have unlimited days a year to regularly volunteer and give back to their community. Our Directors are both actively involved in charities and often volunteer.

B Corp
In September 2015 Volume48 joined the B Corp Movement in order to ensure we are ethical, sustainable and generally doing things right.

Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, legally expand their corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests, and build collective voice through the power of the unifying B Corporation brand. There are more than 1,300 Certified B Corporations from over 120 industries and nearly 50 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business. B Corporations are leaders of the global movement of People Using Business as a Force for Good.