Food Waste Invention Challenge

Join the ultimate team volunteering revolution!

Due to popular demand, on October 19th, 2017; We are opening up the amazing corporate volunteering event:  the Food Waste Invention Challenge, in partnership with FoodCycle, to groups of only 5 people, this means everyone can take part in active team corporate volunteering.

These days are normally bespoke for groups of 20+; However, on this one off day, we’re able to accept individual teams of up to 5 people (businesses can submit up to 3 teams each) and everyone will compete against each other to win the Charity Cooking trophy and look to save food, and make meals for those in need!

We’ll be saving food from the bin, and making amazing meals for those in need!

You’ll all compete against each other in this cooking challenge to win the coveted Foodcycle Corporate Cooking trophy, all whilst looking to save food from the bin, and make meals for those in need!

Click here to register for the challenge
£550 ex vat for a team of up to 5 people.

and if you are interested in larger groups, our bespoke days are still very much available – do get in touch.



What ingredients will we have?

Who knows? As all the food is surplus and potentially was just going to be thrown away, we won’t know until the night before, or even the morning of! Our favourite ingredients in the past have been Heart of Palm, and Cassia Bark.

What if we’re a team of 4 or 9?

That’s fine, each team will be assigned a cooking space which comfortably fits up to five people, so four are welcome too, or if there are nine of you, just bring two teams!

How long does the day last?

You’ll need to be on site at 1 pm and we should be all done and dusted by 5pm (we can point you in the direction of some good local pubs afterwards)

Where is it?

Just near Hoxton / Old Street area

We’ve got 30 who want to come along? is that ok? 

It’s probably best if you get in touch, as it may be better for us to organise one on another date just for your company team

How can I book?

Just click the link above and you’ll go straight through to a paypal page, the price on there is inclusive of VAT, so just knock off 20% if you’re planning your budget.

Can I talk to someone about the day before I book?

Of course! We love to hear from our future chefs, call us direct on 0208 953 4749 or drop us an e-mail at – you can always ask for Tom or Steph

Book now and have an amazing day!

We look forward to seeing you