Charity Slam – It’s new. It’s for fundraisers.

We’re super excited to be organising a new type of conference. Or rather. Not. I’d like to introduce to you “Charity Slam

On Novemever 1st 2017, the game is changing!

We’ve taken a lot of feedback from fundraisers over the years. When we hear about third sector conferences, they seem to say “they’re always really expensive”; “it’s always the same speakers”; “there are too many sales presentations, and not enough useful content”; “It’s not engaging enough”, “Some talks are good, but a lot of the time I don’t really know if I’m getting anything out of it”, “it’s just being spoken at”, “I heard from [insert massive charity], and it’s in no way workable in our charity” etc. we have a list of these.

Stephanie and I sat down one day in the café at the Wellcome collection (the home of the incurably curious). Over a coffee we agreed, we’ve done lots of talks before, we usually get pretty decent feedback. Rather than speak, let’s design one – better yet – curate it. Let’s just do an anti-conference, or a non-conference. Take all the feedback onboard, and do just that.

And here we are with Charity Slam.

Initially, we need some great people. We got down to digging out people who we think are awesome to host sessions (not speakers, you can watch speakers on YouTube. We want sessions). Got the bulk of them, then founded an awesome Council* to accompany Charity Slam. It’s made of up of a great mix of charity people, not a list of OBEs and director titles. Just really great fundraisers from across the board. This way we’re making sure it’s relevant to our audience, and not just some sort of excited child’s dream of an event.

We’ve now launched, and we’re meeting with all the session hosts to seal up their ideal workshops, using the guidance of the council of fundraisers to design them. The hosts we have are experts in their field. Truly top notch.

What else??

Well for a start, have you ever gone to a conference with a problem hoping to get it solved? We’re implementing the ‘Charity Slam Walk and Talk’. We’re sending you off to chat, we’ll be pairing fundraisers up for a stroll around the museum to look at exhibits and really have a think about your problems and share ideas with another fundraiser. All who sign up will have to answer some questions about their strengths, and what they really want to know more about – ensuring sensible pairing. You might make a new ally in the sector! Super useful.


– it’s capitalised because of its importance right?! with Charity Slam we’ve invited some curious speakers from ‘not the charity’ world to just talk about their job, their pro’s, their cons. These talks won’t have literal learnings of “if you do this, you’ll make £1,000,000” but these will give you the chance to hear an outside perspective in a fundraising setting. With some guidance to keep your charity in mind, while listening to the talks, we’ll be encouraging an attitude of “oh interesting, I could do something like that. Not that, but like it”. Boom, you’ve just had an epiphany.

There are some surprises for the day, but overall the idea is to better yourself as a fundraiser through personal and professional development at the same time. We’re curating a creative, relaxed and interesting space to allow you to come to your own conclusions. Rather than being stuck in an office with the pressures of everyone on you, not letting any thoughts truly mature into thinking.

Anything else for Charity Slam?

Firstly: If you want to book on you can do on the Charity Slam Website

Charity Slam has got a killer line-up, with some more still coming in, it’s going to be a FULL DAY! Lego, the Huffington Post,, WWF, psychiatrists, butchers, musicians, innovators, your own peers, and YOU – and a load more.

Oh, the name? Charity Slam? – Poets** get safe spaces to share and learn from each other, express their inner most containment with their Poetry Slams. And now so too does the charity sector.

You’re welcome.

*It started as a committee for charity slam, but we didn’t like that name. That’s what all conferences have, they stay the same, so we called it a fellowship, sounded a bit like a cult… spent some more time, and went with Council. that’s better. 
** If you’re one for fun facts: the first poetry slam took place in 1984 at the Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago. Poetry Slams were created for poets to share and develop their art, and try to make poetry more accessible and mainstream. Rather than keeping it for an elite few. You know, like this.